Come, my friend, to this pearl of an island. Do not be afraid of the breeze – let its’ gusts whoosh you over. Our sands are white, our seas are aqua: it’s paradise here.

When the storm comes in, you can hear the cries of a million sailors lost at sea, the jangle of centuries of pirates’ treasure, the songs of a thousand whales. Peaceful? Yes but there is more beneath the surface…Much more. History, tradition…We are no ordinary holiday destination.

Gallop on horses through the warm Caribbean shore, swim with turtles and find Nemo. Here you have the world and the world is your oyster. So, my friend, what doubts can you have? What could possibly intrigue you more than me and mine? Ah, the rain. Yes, it rains but not like your country with its dismal sheets of grey. Here it gushes with the vigour of waterfalls and you are cleansed by the spirits of harmony and light. You will learn to love the rain. The hard dirt cracked beneath your feet will form rivulets of chocolate, the sand will sizzle as the bolts and water sparkles above it, the flies will dance like faries. You see, my friend, life’s a beach here. You’ll adore it, I know.