plunge into the dam

head under

it’s the only way

lungs burning

stretching for the bottom

surface, gasping

involuntary goldfish breaths

dash for the edge

sprint for the towel

a yabby nips at your heels

mud squelches between toes and

the air


over your goosebumped skin

rivulets of water drip

down limbs

as you pick your way


over knife blades of grass

past your mother’s laughter

past your grandmother’s gaze

her sturdy ankles, sinking

across herringbone brick

through wisteria frames

towards two brothers

bound together

in the heft of old railway sleepers

in the sigh of eucalyptus boughs

in the rustle of leaves

in earth, clay, straw

see their presence

perforate each memory


tis better to have it

and not need it

than need it

and not have it

isn’t it?