” It wasn’t just the murder, he decided. Everything else seemed to have conspired to ruin his day as well. Even the cat.”

The darkness pressed down around him, muffling the few milky rays of light from the open window as he sensed the gaze of those two green eyes. He could almost feel the cat’s bristling hair standing up on end, the sharp teeth and stinking sour breath coming from its open mouth.

What has happened to you, he thought.

And outside, he imagined the cars starting to pull in, the flashing lights  and awkward questions.  His heart started to speed up, sweat trickling down his spine into his underwear.

Footsteps in the hall…keep very still, he told himself, keep very still and they won’t notice you. Just a few more minutes…

He shoved the limp, white hand very quietly back under the bed as the cat emitted a low, unhappy growl.

Not my fault, he thought. She shouldn’t have done it.

There had still been time.