Here I am in the dark

Smothering my mind quietly, lightly

Sending me raw, eyes wondering and wide open

To be broken, to be taken outside in the raw night and unspoken

Still I’m hoping, skin cracked by the furnace in me

Get back cos the burn is in me

And I don’t feel as lost in those  stolen moments

When I run away from work and split wide open

And look with my own eyes upon the wandering city

Which builds me up and betrays me, which loved me but enraged me

Like my mind is mine but it never obeys me

This city is a revelation. It chokes on its tragedy

Of emotion in suspended animation

And with each breath we inhale the fear in the air

Blending our hope and weakness into the grey streets

And down through sewers and hills and rocks

Into foul rivers in the dawn

Where you’ll find me by the water staring at my reflection

Trying to see some hope for redemption

But how can I be strong when my love is my weakness?